International Association for Religious Freedom 

Shown above are some of the US Chapter members who attended the 36th IARF Congress.

George M. Williams 
IARF Council President

George Williams is a Professor Emeritus of religious studies at California State University, Chico.
In 1989, IARF presented Williams a Distinguished Service Award.
Some of his extensive published works include:  Handbook of Hindu Mythology (2002) and Shinto (2004).

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IARF-US Statement on Israeli/Hamas Violence

IARF-US Stands for religious liberty, ecumenical understanding and cooperation, and nonviolent and peaceful relationships. We are heartsick and deeply dismayed by both the terrible violence of Hamas terrorists and by the continued injustice a
nd autocracy of the Netanyahu regime. Palestinians deserve a viable state with adequate land of their own, as does Israel as multi-religious democracies deserve to flourish. They are feasible only by providing adequately for both.

U.S. Chapter Board

John  Young

Current chair of the IARF US Chapter, and retired minister. 
I have a deep interest in non-violence and how it can be realized through greater understanding of and interaction with other world religions. 

Dr. Janice Marie Johnson

Committed to making multiculturalism real, her maxim is "Let us build together."

John Gubbings

Committed to Unitarian Universalism as a support for a religiously diverse democracy. I perceive the IARF purpose of religious freedom as an aspect of social justice at the international level.

Stephen Schwichow

As one who practices a minority religion in America and has experienced discrimination because of it, I am acutely aware of the issues surrounding the need for inter-religious amity and cooperation.

Kunihiko Terasawa

A professor at Wartburg College in Iowa, Kunihiko has interacted with Japanese IARF members and is an Evangelical Lutheran as well as a member of Rissho Kosei-kai. 

Advisory Board

Betsy Darr
Ahbi Janamanchi
Celine Ibrahim
Roy Kaplan
Kathy Matsui
Nyla McCulloch
Peter Richardson

   Kathleen Moran

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